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The fun of merging

Tuesday, 8 September 2009 21:37 by mBerube
(Also available in: français)

To create that multilingual blog, I used the EnhacedBlogEngine.Net code base to identify all the hacks required to enable multiple languages and then, I had to port all these changes to the latest source code of BlogEngine.Net. What a task ! 60% of the job was pretty easy, just using winmerge and merge the changed lines to the BE.net source file. But, in the newest part of the code, some of the logics doesn't work so well (for example, the nested comment feature) and some bug had to be fixed in the URL rewrite logic. Also, most of the widgets wasn't fully localized. Finally, the theme I choose came from a earlier version of BlogEngine.Net so I had to tweek many things (ex : the widget zone) to make it behave as expected.

I still in the debug process and thanks to the wonderfull Elmah error logging and reporting, I can keep an eye on every errors that occured on that site.

If you already face that kind of challenge, I've a question for you : how can I organize my code (in my source control) to make it easier to merge my changes into a future version of BlogEngine.Net ?

Thanks and feel free to comment.

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