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Programming with music

Thursday, 15 October 2009 12:20 by mBerube
(Also available in: français)

In episode 69 of the stackoverflow podcast, a part of the discussion was about programming with music and if it helps or not to be more productive. Listen to that episode (and also the other ones, they're very interesting).

There's some personal experiences about listening to music while programming :

  • - Music help me to stay focused, specialy in my open (and a little bit loud) workplace
  • - It's really easy for me to "produce" code listening to music but it's more difficult to write documentation or read specifications (specialy if the radio is on)
  • - It's almost impossible for me the mix languages. For example, I can't write something in french while listening something in english and vice-versa
  • - The more I know the song, the more I'm focused on my task because my brain use less "cpu cycles" analysing the song

And you, what's your view about it ?

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