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Little bug, big night

Thursday, 1 April 2010 22:44 by mBerube
(Also available in: français)

Last week, I was trying to find a bug on this blog (with the Next/previous page link). Because I've done a lot of changes in BlogEngine.Net to allow multiple languages, I started by looking into my code. The situation was that the link was formatted like this : http://blog.mberube.net/en/?page=2 (without the page name). There's the results of my tests :

  1. On webdev server (Cassini), it worked.
  2. On my local le IIS 7 on Win7, it worked.
  3. On my QA web server (IIS 6 on WS2003), it didn't work.
  4. On my hoster (Proweb) server on II6 on WS2003, it didn't work either.


So good sign : I can reproduce the bug on my QA server. But to find it, I had to fight a lot with the Remote Debugger and I'll talk about this in another post, giving the instructions how to setup and use remote debugger on a network without domain users. 

I finally found that because the path had no file name, IIS was rejecting the request before the URL rewriter in my application could resolve it. On my QA server, I added the ASP.Net engine in wildcard application maps for all files not found and it works at first try. Yé !


I did exactly the same thing on my hosted server, it doesn't work. Hmmmm... 

I did a quick fix for the bug but I would like to understand that mystery. If you have suggestions or ever solved that kind of issue, please leave a message.

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