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Monday, 7 September 2009 21:28 by mBerube
(Also available in: français)

Welcome to my new blog. Finally, I can put this thing online. I know it's not rocket science but changing to a new blog engine is not a trivial task so I take my time to choose the right one. As a .NET programmer, I've prefered a blog engine running on the .NET plateform. However, I had some problem to find a multilingual blog engine. The only one I found was a modified version of BlogEngine.Net called EnhancedBlogEngine.Net but this "fork" was based on a previous release of BlogEngine.Net. So I've decided to port the modification made in that project to the new version of BlogEngine.Net and I've fixed some bugs in the process (I'll submit these bugs to projects developpers).

I wish you'll like reading my posts. I'm one in a tons of .Net programmer blog but I wish the challenges met by programmer here in Québec (aka "La belle province") about multilingual teams and applications will bring something new to the community.

Now that my blog is now setup, I can return to my two main projects : getting my MCPD (web) and continue my learning of the ASP.NET MVC framework. I'll talk later about these subjects and many other in later posts.

Finally, I'll try to keep this blog alive with many posts by week and all the posts will be available in french and english unless the subject of the post make it a non sense in one or the other language.

Have a nice day.

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